St. Laurence's Church of England

Primary School & Little Treasures' Nursery



The curriculum at St Laurence's is underpinned by the National Curriculum but also ensures that, at each stage of their learning, each child acquires a rich breadth of knowledge and skills. It is our intent to make learning memorable by delivering inspiring content, repeating key concepts, making links and building on previous learning.

We aim to develop articulate, thoughtful children witha joy of learning who are able to express themselves confidently and listen to and respect the opinions and views of others. We are committed that every child will develop a love of reading and will be able to comprehend and read fluently.


At St Laurence's School we have always appreciated the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum and recognise that learning is interconnected: our curriculum is designed so that subject specific skills are taught alongside appropriate links to other areas of learning. This is identified in our detailed medium term planning and is apparent in how we teach each curriculum area.

The range and quality of educational experiences in the Early years is reflected in a weekly record of both adult and child initiated learning that is shared with the parents.

Our values are evident in all that we do and are the foundation of all our teaching and learning.

We recognise the importance of Cultural Capital and have always strived to enrich our curriculum offer with a variety of stimulating opportunities for the children to fully appreciate our cultural legacy. There is an emphasis upon the performing arts, including music and drama as well as physical education, art and design.

In all core subjects we practise a mastery approach to teaching with a strong emphasis upon questioning, discussion and clear learning objectives. The high quality of discussion in lessons reflects our commitment to oracy as a fundamental principle of effective learning.

We strive to instil a love of reading in St Laurence's School for all children and have established a positive reading culture as a result.