St. Laurence's Church of England

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Little Treasures Nursery

All About Us

We provide a wide range of new experiences and activities for the children and we encourage independence and self confidence throughout. We have a caring and experienced staff team who are dedicated to our nursery and the well being of our children.

Our aim is to enrich and stimulate the children's experiences, to provide opportunities for them to progress through learning situations, and to help them develop skills relevant to their needs in school. We will also encourage them to develop socially and to form good relationships with other children and adults.

We haveĀ  'Forest School' sessions; we spend all of the session in our local woodland.

Forest School sessions are based on a Scandinavian idea. Children follow their usual curriculum, but in a woodland context, using learning and teaching strategies which raise self-esteem, develop confidence, independence and language and communication skills.